Article Marketing Works – Recent Case Study Shows Proof

(Note: there is a recent update below)

A few months ago, I wanted to set up a quick case study of one of my VRE sites. The point of doing this was to show many of my subscribers that article marketing isn’t rocket science. I’ve only posted this case study in a PDF report that I gave them, but I figured ‘Why not put it on my blog too?’

So here goes…

My goal was to also make roughly $3.00 per day strictly from AdSense… and nothing to do with “affiliate sales”. Most of my niche sites are built for affiliate product sales and Adsense. But not this one.

One thing to note: After about 8 months of existence, I moved all of my niche websites to a new hosting server that would support multiple websites for a lower cost. This is one of those niche sites that was moved.

I tried to access the old server for past traffic stats for this website, but it’s no longer available. So I don’t have any traffic stats from the first 8 months that it was online. But with that in mind, I can still show you how well this site has been increasing its traffic for the past 3 months (ALL of which is coming from 100% free traffic), and how the AdSense earnings made from this site correlate very closely to the amount of traffic that comes to the site.

This content, niche website is approximately 25 pages in size (including the homepage). Each inner page was built to target one keyword (keyword phrase), and so the articles written for those pages are based on those keywords.

Then, we manually submitted our unique articles, with backlinks in the “About the Author” resource box to a couple major article directory sites: and After a few weeks, once the articles were widely distributed from and, we spun those same articles with our article spinner ( , the paid version) to create unique articles that we could submit to many other article directories with the help of Article Submitter Platinum (the paid version here: .

That’s it.

Important Note: We now use submission to article directories as a secondary source of our submission.  Our PRIMARY source is via our new Article Marketing Network.  This isn’t quite ready for public release yet, but we already have over 10,000 sites in the network to submit articles to for immediate one-way backlinks.  Beta users have been getting incredible results.  It should be released to the public mid-March.

It’s now been about 11 months since we’ve touched this website at all. It was literally a “set it and forget it” VRE website. Though I can’t show you screenshots from the first 8 months, since we didn’t take any images before we moved servers, I can show you the the next 3 months of traffic to this website after we migrated servers.

This was taken in June, after just 8 months online. As you can see, we got roughly 2600 unique visitors and then an additional 650 returning visitors (total: 3254 visitors for the month).

Above are the number of backlinks pointing to our website from search engines.

Below is a screenshot of our AdSense earnings from this specific niche website for June.

I had to blur the middle section stats to comply with Google’s TOS.

So for the month of June, we made approximately $3.09 per day (on average). As I mentioned above, we wanted to earn at least $3 per day from this website through AdSense… so we’re right on track.

In the next screenshots, you’ll see how this number increases, and correlates highly to the traffic increases AND AdSense earnings for future months.

Below are the traffic stats for July. You’ll see that we’ve increased the number of visitors by about 500… again, without even touching this website! This is still from the initial push and submission of our UNIQUE articles to the article directories.

You’ll notice that our links are also increasing from the search engines… which correlates to the increase in our monthly traffic from July. Increase in links = increase in traffic.

Ok… check out these next two screenshots!

In August, we reached 5315 total visitors. So from July to August, we increased our visitors by over 1600!

How? When you take a look at the number of links that Google is now showing, it’s easy to see why we got more traffic.

From July to August, the number of links Google is showing increased by well over 1500. That resulted in a dramatic increase in our traffic for that month, and thus increased our AdSense earnings as you can see from the screenshot below.

So after August, we were well over our desired goal of $3.00 per day. In fact, we’re up to $5.69 per day (on average). Remember, this is just one site that after putting the initial work into (about 1 work day of spinning and submitting the articles), we’re now making about $180 per month.


Here is a recent screenshot from January earnings from this same site.  I’m not up to an average of $15.63 per day.  I literally have not touched this site.  It has just been sitting there making passive income from it’s initial creation.  :-)

Again, imagine this with 50 sites… I think you get the picture.

Each month, we like to put out about 10-15 of these sites, so over the course of 1 full year, we’ve got a VERY nice passive income stream from our combination of Article Marketing from PLR articles and AdSense/VRE websites.

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